GAM mulls changing sanitation worker uniform to avoid ‘Daesh orange’

19 شباط 2015
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The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) is thinking of changing sanitation workers’ orange uniforms as the colour is now associated with the Daesh terror group.

A source at GAM, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the municipality began studying this option after Jawad Kasasbeh, the brother of Muath, the air force pilot murdered by Daesh, called for changing the orange uniform. 

“The Amman mayor likes the idea and there is a possibility we will do this,” the GAM official told The Jordan Times over the phone on Wednesday. 

Videos and photos released by Daesh always show their captives, including Muath, in orange overalls.

The source said sanitation workers are always linked with great dedication and loyalty towards the Kingdom, and the municipality will ensure that this bright image is not negatively affected. 

Around 4,600 sanitation workers are deployed in areas affiliated with the municipality, according to official figures.

In a Facebook post, Jawad called on officials to change the colour because it became linked with a grim image. 

Muath was burned to death by Daesh members on January 3, according to a video the group released a month later, sparking anger across Jordan and beyond.  

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